Notices & Terms of Service

MUEX is a commercial arm of the MonetaryUnit open source cryptocurrency project.

MUEX stands by the ideas and goals of cryptocurrency and MonetaryUnit.
We want to help provide financial freedom for all in an open, transparent and fair manner.
MUEX is a work in progress and we truly value input and support from all who can provide it.
MUEX is a commercial project, and as such requires revenue and profit to be self sustaining.
Any profits generated are based on very small margins and rely on volume use & as such this project will be loss making for some time until the customer base has grown significantly.


  • We value you as a customer.
  • We will always do our best for you.
  • Every effort is made to provide stable, secure and resilient services.
  • MUEX are a role model within the community and will act as such.
  • You are not simply a source of revenue for us.
  • We will endeavour to provide value added services from day 1 and continue to grow that portfolio
  • Security, resilience & redundancy are very important to us, and will remain so.
  • Your privacy matters and we will do our very best to maintain that, though some services do require some personal information to be shared with trusted 3rd parties (and this is made clear at the time).


  • The MUEX team do this because we love crypto, and we want to be a positive influence in the community and attract more people into the crypto world.
  • We want you to be a like minded person.
  • This has taken a great deal of effort, time and money and you will do your best to help us improve our services, applications and systems by giving us constructive feedback.
  • You are taking a risk using anything within crypto.
  • Nothing you use is warranted against any loss of any kind.
  • MUEX does not provide any guarantee of any kind other than we will always do our very best.
  • MUEX is a work in progress and should be regarded as a long term beta project.