Facilitating acquisition & interchange of Crypto assets, goods and services in a "Swift, Reliable & Secure" manner; Simply... the MonetaryUnit way.

Preferential rates for $MUE, all Crypto are welcome!

One peak at a time

Crypto adoption will only peak when more and more people can use it without "having" to know or "worry" about how it works.

Building services and B2B partnerships to expand B2C Crypto asset utilization.

Bridging the Crypto divide

Crypto will truly thrive when its sphere of aspiring projects shun the individualist approach & adopt the prospects of a "collective-of-communities" ecosystem.

Strength is in building Bridges instead of Walls

Our golden mean

Our Team efforts will continue to serve Success if we remain inclusive, collaborative & sincere in/towards goals and the community that is backing us.

Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance in contribution to get Crypto where all it's enthusiasts wish it to be.

Privacy & Anonymity

We continue to work on solutions for offering our services in a manner that reflects how we value Anonymity & Privacy in all their respective spectrum. Only the most essential user data is stored in encrypted form and hashed by the MUE network.

Services continuously works to grow its offered services portfolio so keep watching this space and or .


A Forex Trading platform that allows you to fund your trading account with Crypto and liquidate your gains to Crypto.



Crypto services portal that encompasses several services sought by Crypto citizens and projects; such as: hosted Seed/Master nodes, hosted Block Explorers, MN pooling + much more.



Coming soon!

About Us

MUEX came about to build new and alternative means of crypto assets utilization as well as assisting established and promising crypto projects in achieving their goals of growth, exposure and support the crypto community by facilitating services.

Active projects

  • MUEX C2C: anonymous Crypto-to-Crypto asset conversion
  • MUEX MCC: anonymous multi-Crypto in/out conversion
  • MUEX PGW: a crypto payment gateway
  • MUEX SocialMine: means to gain crypto by utilizing social media
  • MUEX SpamBox: a disposable inbox for your favorite spam collection
  • MUEX-ChatOn: Bot-as-a-service to secure your team online-workspace
  • MUE-CertiX: Utilizing the MonetaryUnit network beyond Monetization
  • MUEX-HashX: Crypto Miners services